Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Slippers for Me

During the winter months I always wear slippers around the house.  My normal slippers have a sturdy bottom to them and sometimes I think they are almost like a shoe. So I knitted these slippers (several months ago) to be my comfy slippers in the evening when I'm just sitting around.

 I used a free Drops pattern. I soon discovered that it wasn't quite what I thought it was .  The slippers had a seam going down the middle of the bottom of the foot.  I didn't want that.  After looking around, I discovered that most slippers are that way.

 I was thinking it was more like a sock.  So I ripped some of it out and made it like a sock.  I was able to use an infant sized pattern for my double stranded worsted yarn.  It worked perfectly.  I did end up making it a little large, but it still works.

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  1. It seems silly to have a seam when you are wearing them for comfort!! Well adapted, they look gorgeous and snuggly!


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