Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Love Entwined Part 9

These 2 borders took a long time for me to get done.  When I was just about finished with them and laid them next to the center piece, I discovered a crucial error.  I had printed the pattern TOO small!!OHHhhh!!!!  What was I to do next!  All that work.

 I decided not to frog the project and not to start these all over again.  I did remove the borders and place them as they are supposed to go.  I figure the center can just look a little smaller.  Maybe I'll add a design element on the ends if there seems to be too much space when it's all put together.

 Mine is all needleturn applique.  Some pieces get very small and are quite a challenge.
Or they have lots of ins and outs.

 It's amazing how it looks when it all comes together.  Check out Esther's blog for more on this quilt that she and others are doing.


  1. Oh Wow! I can only aspire to this. Needle turn appliqué is something I've never tried, but hope to have a go at very soon. I shall be re-visiting your blog for inspiration!

  2. That's looking great! I'm still on the middle bouquets. Guess I'll need to check my charts too.

  3. Elaine it is breath taking! Now, what do you mean too small? I think the pattern is plenty small enough, how did you even manage to do so much work even smaller than that?! You must have a lot of patience! Personally, don't even worry about it, I think its stunning and the size is a non issue, just make it your own unique size. If anything, I think smaller makes it even more precious!


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