Friday, January 2, 2015

Sleeping Bags for Dolls

Connie has this great tutorial for doll sleeping bags.  I thought they were so cute that I had to make some.  I made them for my Narnia knitted dolls, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy.
 Here they are camping out.

 The tutorial is a good one and these bags take very little time at all to make.

 Before Eloise can go look at them, She has to eat her Seahawks cookie. Those cookies were fun to decorate.

 Eloise takes sewing lessons and this is one lesson she'll be able to do.  It's great for young beginning seamstresses.


  1. Your dolls and the sleeping bags are adorable. Eloise is beautiful.

  2. Oh my gosh! These are so very cute. :) ANd I can't believe how much Eloise has grown since the last pictures I saw of her. Such a pretty young girl with GORGEOUS hair!!

  3. They really turned out cute Elaine and Eloise is sure growing.....what a cutie!


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