Friday, May 16, 2014

Vivienne's Owl Quilt

It's quilt festival time again.  What a great way to see a lot of quilts. And get many ideas.  I've decided to enter this baby quilt that I made for Vivienne.  Her mom let me know what colors she was decorating with and also said she likes owls.  So here it is.

 I've really enjoyed doing pinwheels and like the way they look, so they made a good border around those owls.  These are colorful owls also, not the normal brown.  
I got the ideas from much searching from other quilts.  There are inspirations everywhere. And then made my design.
 I started with the pinwheels.

 And then worked on my center.

 Kept adding features to my owls. The applique was all fused down.  My quilting is what is keeping it on.


 A friend embroidered the name on for me.

Join in on the fun.  You will find the button on my sidebar.


  1. Pinwheels are one of my favorite things too! I have done entire quilts of them. :) What a wonderful baby quilt! Sam

  2. Great Combination of Pinwheels and the Owls. nice colors for a baby.

  3. What a sweet quilt for a baby. Lovely colours

  4. What a lucky little Vivienne! So colorful and happy!

  5. Oh, isn't that sweet! Too cute. :-)

  6. bright and cheerful, I like it very much.

  7. Oh, too cute! I like the cheerful colours for a baby quilt and I have a soft spot for owls. What's not to like?

  8. Чудо сови, чудо одіяло!!!

  9. Those little owls are too adorable! This quilt is sure to bring lots of smiles.


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