Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My New Knitting Bag

I've been using the same knitting bag for years.  I thought I had a blog post about it when I won it in a contest. But I sure can't find that post. But here's a pic of it.  It has served its purpose well.  It won't get thrown away.  I'll probably use it to store projects I am working on.

For the new bag I was hunting for a canvas or heavier home decor fabric, but none of them hit me as something I wanted.  I did find a cotton that really stuck out to me and got it instead.  Because it was a normal weights cotton, I bought an interfacing that is heavy and stiff.  So stiff that it's used for boxes and that kind of thing. 
 These are I-phone pics, so please bear with them.  I can't seem to focus  with the I-phone like I can with my regular camera.
The fabric seems Frenchy to me.  I like it.

 The bag is a pattern by Geta.
I love it because of all the pockets, in and out.  That makes it easy to keep things organized.

 I'm using a new method of bag closure - tape measures.  It works very well.  The only thing is that you don't want to be in a room that is full of people but it's very quiet.  It does make noise opening and closing it.

And the finished bag.

 I can even knit with the bag closed and the yarn coming out of it. The pocket will hold the project when it's small also. 


  1. Ooohh, I love that fabric! I have seen the 'tape measure' idea before but have never used it. Will have to give it a try!

  2. What a beautiful tote and perfect for your knitting! Thanks for sharing.
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