Friday, May 17, 2013

It's Bananas Today

I am building a playhouse.  And I do have a kitchen set my dad made for my oldest daughter when she was around 4.  We will paint it and fix it up to put in the playhouse.  Then there will be a play kitchen for all this play food that I'm making.  That's my plan.
The next food is bananas.   

 The tutorial for the banana is found here.

 The tutorial for the slices are found here.
It's so nice to find good tutorials for this food.
Juliet thought she could really eat it.  She put it all in her mouth but it came out again.

 Eloise has fun playing with her dishes and food.

 The banana even comes out of the peel.


  1. That's amazing! So realistic :)

  2. You are very clever Elaine! Well done!

  3. These are so cute - I really want ot make some felt foods for my daughter for her play kitchen. There are so many great tutorials out there now that the options are endless.


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