Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Barning Along

Lori Holt has had her quilty barn along.  These are lovely barns with a quilted square on the side just like the barns you'll find all over the midwest.  And then at Pleasant Home, Jodi made this quilt with blacks and greys. So for this picnic square I  took those ideas.  Lori's block is 14" but mine could only be 12".  I found a house block similar on EQ and customized it for my square.  I like how it came out.  My quilting is not perfect, but I go for fun more than accuracy, although I am working at better accuracy.  I did do some ripping out to get it better.  I love the pop of color in the square.


Spring is here.  I love the flowers of spring. Lilacs are a favorite.  The smell is so wonderful and the colors gorgeous.  We picked several bouquets and had them spread throughout the house.

 And the bushes out my back door.  So beautiful.


  1. Lilacs are my absolute favorite flower! There, now you all know.


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