Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mini Hot Pads

I've been making hot pads lately for small gifts for a trip I'll be making soon.  You'll get to see those soon.  While doing those I got side tracked seeing these mini-potholders on pinterest and decided to make a few of them.  They're too small of an item for the gift giving I'm doing unless I add them as a bonus.  But I think I want some for myself and they always will be good as that unusual gift.

 There is a tutorial for these that you can find here.

They are such a good way to use up scraps and also it's fun to find good combinations of fabrics that go together well.

 Sew have fun with this pattern.

Eloise gets another trip fabric shopping.  This time with her aunts to Joann's.  We are all properly training her .  This time she gets to sit on the cutting counter as she fondles fabrics.

Here's a link to Linky Party Tuesday.
Fabric Tuesday


  1. Eloise looks right at home.

  2. Pam Kirk made me some of these and I use them all the time! They are the perfect little thing. She put two little finger pockets for thumbs & forefingers which works really great too.

  3. What a little doll! Thanks for sharing the link for the tutorial.

  4. Oh, I think I have seen these as microwave hotpads and was going to make some to give with microwave dishes as Christmas presents. Thanks for reminding me. I like the one with gingham on it. Looks like you are bringing Eloise up right! Lucky girl!

  5. those mini hot pads are almost, not quite, but almost as cute as your little shopper in training!! How sweet she is.

  6. Glad to see the training continues! ;-)


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