Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Samuel Sprout, the Greengrocer

Have you ever gone to a greengrocer.  That reminds me of days of yore when one went to the bakery, the butcher, and the greengrocer.  The milkman would bring your milk to you.  That was actually before my time of remembrance.  I remember grocery stores.  But when I lived in Europe that was the way it was.  Except we grew our vegetables.
In the village of Dumpling there is a greengrocer, Samuel Sprout.

He wears a tie with his apron

And has all kinds of produce.



 Marrow (Do you know what that is?)  Tomatoes


 And even flowers.

 Here's a bag ready to go with a leek and a cucumber.

 This is a Jean Greenhowe design but knitted by me.

This is linked to Esther's WOW and WIP Wednesday.  I know he's not really a work in progress, but he's so cute, I had to let you see him.


  1. Samuel Spout and his veggies are soooooo cute!!! You are a very tallented knitter.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  2. Yes I remember!!!!! Goodness me what a lot of hours of knitting, he is so cute and all those veggies, I rememberer milk been delivered in the cities and to our school in the country, a small bottle for every child every day!!!!!! Cheers Glenda

  3. This is so cute! A lot of work too. I'm not a knitter, I crochet, but I've made some animals sort of like this and they were so fun to make. I love all the detail of this one!

  4. Love your knitted doll!! I used to knit the greenhowe patterns when my son was small they are great to make. but I never made the extras to go with them just the dolls! You have a lot of patience!! great job!!

  5. Oh my gosh this is so amazing, what a lot of work, but adorable. Nice work.

  6. The detail in your stitchwork is amazing...a lovely addition to the village. Can I see mushrooms up the back of the produce stand?


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