Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Been Knitting? You Bet!

I always knit.  Every evening.  But I've been knitting a lacey shawl that's taken me some time.  It is done, but not blocked, so it's ugly right now.  When it's beautiful I'll show it to you with all it's mistakes also.
But during that knitting, I also took breaks and knitted a few other things.
Friends of mine had babies, so I made them sweaters to grow into.
This is Mike's.  He'll be in it soon.  To find out about the pattern and yarns, I'll send you to my ravelry links.

And this is Gabriella's.
  It'll be a while before she fits this one.

 I loved doing the color work on this one.

I hat for a customer's baby.  The combination of colors are nice.

And some booties I found that were just too cute.  I had to knit them up.

 What baby wouldn't be ready to get on the court in these booties?

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  1. Oh goodness such beautiful work!!! But those knitted sneakers are just wayyyyyyy to cute!!!

  2. What beautiful work! I really love the sweater and cap for Mike! Thanks for sharing!
    Quilting at the River Linky Party Tuesday

  3. I have tried several times to print the pattern of the pink booties but with no success .Do I have to join or subscribe to somewhere to be able to print .
    I shall be having twin G grand daughters in the Autumn and would love to make these booties . My email is ksolomi@btinternet.com

  4. I, too, knit almost every night. Your knitting is lovely and those gym-booties are too cute!


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