Monday, April 16, 2012


 When my family was young, I always used cloth napkins at dinner.  I had labeled napkin rings for each person, so that we wouldn't have to wash them every day.  I don't even know that all the children would wipe their mouths when done, so they're napkins might very well have been clean except for the crumbs on their lap.
As our family got older, we had varied schedules and eating together didn't happen often.  Cloth napkins left the scene.
When we moved into our new house a few years ago, we made it a habit to start eating together again.  At least we had a set time for dinner, and the ones that can make it are there.  Sometimes it's only my husband and I, but many times it's at least most of us.  Paper napkins, if they made it to the table in their stand-up container was the thing now.

So now we are trying to get back into cloth napkins. They are so much nicer than paper ones.  I found these on Purl-Bee  and thought they were so cute,  I had to give them a  try.  I did the brown ones first and now I'm doing the green.  The brown are 18" and the green are a little over 20".  The bigger the better.

 I also did the binding a different way, more like a quilt binding.  It does make the edge a little thicker, but as I didn't have a bias maker that size, it just saved a lot of time for the amount of napkins I did.  I did use 2" strips instead of 2 1/2" for the binding.

Like those napkin rings?   I bought them in Hawaii quite a few years ago.  They are fragile and I don't have many left, but they were a nice try.


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