Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Some Fun with Quiet Book Pages

I've been working on a few more quiet book pages.  They are not an easy thing to do.  They take a lot of planning, a lot of fiddling with little things, a lot of gathering or going to the store for more.  But they are fun to see come together and it's nice to see even my 6 year old granddaughter having fun with them.  Here they are.
These are the pieces.  How do they go together?

Some little children might do this.

But this is how they really go.  Velcro makes it easy.

Let's do a winter scene.

See how this one can come together.  Also with velcro.
The fabric is more blue than it looks here.

Some empty cones with lots of ice cream in the bowl.

 So many flavors to choose from.  No velcro on this one.  I thought it would lose the look I wanted and the felt sticks anyways.

And leftover scoops in the bowl.

These poor flowers are drooping.  What can I do?

Let's give them some water.

They are looking good again.

These pages are all ideas I picked up from other mom's quiet book.  They are revised to suit the size and my likings for my quiet book.  There are so many good ideas out there. I'm glad I don't have to come up with my own.

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