Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Elephants and Rabbits

I've been on a run lately making little dolls for baby grandchildren.  I've enjoyed it so much I have a hard time stopping.  I think it's the dresses I make them.
The patterns are from Little Cotton Rabbits.  They are some of the cutest I've found.
I've used SuzyMarie's dress modifications on them as I like the fuller dresses.  

I've added a few rows to this dress to make it a little longer.

 My Ravelry links are here and here.

 Here's a couple of those babies getting to know their elephants.


  1. I do Love these patterns. Only made the elephant so far but I have a few others to make soon too!

  2. Those are so cute!! I especially like the elephants.

  3. I love Little Cotton Rabbits patterns! And your versions are so cute!

  4. very cute and so are the grandies.


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