Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Love Entwined - The Borders

The borders draw the whole quilt together.  It's so ready to quilt 

The borders are fluttery.  I hope that mostly quilts out.  I do know they are the right size.  It makes me a little nervous, but it can usually work out in the quilting.

Borders do add to a quilt.


  1. How beautiful! I am an appliquer also so can understand and appreciate the love and labor that went into this piece of art.

  2. That color palette is gorgeous! FWIW, I would redo those borders. Looks like an awful lot of fluff to "quilt out." That quilt has way too much work in it to take a chance.

  3. OHHHHHH how beautiful what a stunning LE. Love the final borders but they do float don't they with out all the appliqué that is on all the rest of the quilt. Elaine how did you get here so quickly LOL How wonderful to see your LE finished ready to quilt it is a life time of work here what an achievement. Im still working on mine but have to admit due to all the appliqué I'm having a great deal of shrinkage in my border pieces so each time I add a border Im having to adjust for the next one; may be this has happened to you? Hope you are able to solve the problem with the quilting. Cheers Glenda

  4. It is an exquisite piece of much time and effort and talent you have here :)

  5. This is SO lovely I might even order one from you!


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