Monday, August 29, 2016

June's Quilt

I am on a patchwork roll.  They look nice and are fast and fun to do.  This quilt probably took about 5 hours to cut and piece.  Here's how it went. 
I went to Beech Tree Lane and followed her instructions.  She made it easy with strip piecing.
I cut 16" strips from my fabrics and pieced 4 of them  together.

I didn't care which 4 they were as long as the same fabric wasn't in the strip. I used 6 different fabrics altogether.

Then I cut them into 3 1/2" strips.

I mixed them all up.

 I sewed these large 16 patch squares.

I laid them all out the way I wanted them.

And put them together.  How simple is that?  Now it's time to make the sandwich and quilt it.

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  1. Well, that's a fun way to play! Looks like you enjoyed a lot of piecing time.


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