Thursday, April 21, 2016

T-Shirt Quilt - A Finish

It took me 2 months of consistent part time work to get this quilt finished for my customer.
And I got one quick picture of it as the phone rang for one of the girls holding up the quilt.
Sometimes things have to happen quick.

 As we looked through my pin board on these type of quilts, my customer chose the shadow effect.
I think it worked out nicely .  She thought so also as she gave me a real nice tip for doing this for her.  It is a present for her daughter.


  1. Congrats on a quilt finish! This is the first t-shirt quilt I've seen with the shadow effect, and it is amazing! I think it turned out great too! It has to feel good to have your customer agree and give you a some extra to show their appreciation. Very nice!

  2. I like the shadow effect also. It really does help each tee get extra credit and looks great. You chose exactly the right fabric colors to make the shadows stand out.
    Thanks again for linking up with TGIFF. Your quilts are amazing!
    Mary @


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