Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My New Pets

These are pets that I am giving away or have already given away.  And the children are making personal requests for what they want.  They are excited about them.
These will all have my Ravelry link which will then lead you to the pattern.  Most, if not all, are free.
This is my peacock

 I don't know what these are called, but they are cute.

 Doesn't he have nice feathers?

Here is my monkey

He took a little work to get his face just right.

And he has a nice tail.

This is an octopus.  He is a combination of a couple of patterns.  

Mr. Fox plays the flute.  The little girl who wanted the fox also plays the flute.

 These instructions were in Russian, but since I've made so many crocheted animals I was able to figure it out.  Google translate also helped.

 This little mouse is one my granddaughter picked out on my pinterest board.

 She calls her Kitty Mouse.


  1. How cute! You make me want to make some toys! It has been awhile. They are always so fun.

  2. Oh, I like your pets very much! Ecspecially the fox! I play the flute, too! Many greatings from Germany! michaela

  3. sooooo cute (the Fox especially!!!!)

  4. Aw so cute, I love crocheting toys :)


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