Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sharon's Quilt

You can tell by the weather here that fall is coming.  We've had a beautiful summer, hottest we've had in many years.  Now the rain has come and it is very welcome.  In fact Saturday we had wind and a tree fell down.  I actually saw it happen. 

 We are very thankful that it fell that direction and not on the garage and car.  It is a maple that was rotted in the center.  Probably a good reason it fell.

We got lots of help that same day to start chopping it up.

Sharon brought me this quilt.  It is a fall quilt.

 There are many cute animals on it.  I quilted swirls but did the pumpkins with pumpkin lines and the animals with other swirls.  


  1. Yikes! That tree is a huge one. and yes thank god it went in that direction.
    Sharon's Fall quilt is Utterly Adorable and you did a great job quilting it Elaine!

  2. Thank goodness the tree feel the way it did! Looks like it was a big one. The fall quilt is really cute!

  3. Darling quilt! I can't see too much of the quilting on my phone. But the swirls on the owl look great.

  4. that quilt is so cute and cheery! loved the way you quilted it! Thank God the fallen tree did not do damage - what a large one!

  5. Yikes is right! Glad that tree missed the buildings and car! Great Fall quilt you get to stitch on!


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