Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Quilting or Upholstery?

Lately I've been working on an upholstery job.  It's redoing our patio dining chairs.  The old ones were getting pretty ripped.  Not to nice looking, are they?  Who would want guests to sit on these?

 So I bought some fabric and am redoing them.  I have a friend and a daughter that help me through the process. Half of them are totally done.  I just need to finish stuffing the cushions to have them all completed.  

I think I will stick to quilting.  Upholstery is not my bag. But it is nice to have good looking chairs to sit upon.


  1. Quite a big job, they looks store bought, well done!

  2. They really do look nice and I like the fabric. I thought they would be some wild summery fabric!

  3. Your cushions look very nice!


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