Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New Baby Hoodie

I knitted up this hoodie pretty quickly from bottom to top all in one piece.  It's for a baby that was just born, so he doesn't fit it yet.

 Actually, when I had finished the hood and started sewing it together, I realized I hadn't done the garter after the cuff on one of the sleeves, so guess what?  Rip, Rip. Out came most of the sweater.

It is knit with a worsted weight, so it came back together quickly.

 I do like hoodies and this was a very nice pattern.


  1. What a cute pattern! I was just digging around on Rav this morning trying to find a cute cardi to knit for my cousin's little guy. This is perfect for him!

  2. Cute baby hoodie. Some little one is going to be very warm and stylin'!


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