Wednesday, February 4, 2015

More Little Knits and Crochets

It seems these little items are a great hit with young school girls.  As one daughter is a school teacher and another daughter teaches sewing students, they are always looking for prizes to reward their students at different times.  And these kind of items are hits.
First, we have this turtle.  The shell can even come off of him.

 He's not really very small, but is soft and cudddly to squeeze.

 Sometimes turtles need to lay on their backs.

 This is a little bird. I'm not sure about him yet.  Maybe he'd look better on a different color.

 Then there's this granny square owl.  Pretty cute,eh?

 Mr. Elephant

 He's not very small either.

 And Mr. Snail

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to get to the original source of all these free pattern.


  1. What if you put a white breast on the bird? I think that would beef up the cuteness factor. The turtle is my favorite. I love that you can take the shell off. And that elephant tush - too cute!

  2. Cute turtle. I like the bird, but agree that it's missing something. I like the above poster's suggestion.

  3. Saw your turtle on Ginny's knit and read along, I knitted him a few years back, he still sits on a bed upstairs. I like the elephant, and the others you've made. :)


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