Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hexie Flower Tablerunner

I'm starting another new project.  I never thought I'd be doing hexagons, but I did discover a hexagon tablerunner that I liked.  Here it is.  My inspiration. 
Mine has different colors.  In fact, it's very scrappy and patchworky.  I think it's farmhouse style.  They want to decorate our house farmhouse style.  I'm telling them there was no style in farmhouses.  They just had what they had.  Colors didn't necessarily coordinate.  They would not consider this runner farmhouse style.      Hmmm......
I cut about 100 hexagons.  I don't like to waste scraps so they were pretty individually cut.

 I cut them a rough 1/4" larger than the template all the way around.

 I then pressed each side down over the cardboard.  I do about a dozen each day, because it is a rather hot project.

I've checked out quite a few tutorials on hexagons.  Some are quite different than others. So I'm doing a variation of my own adapting techniques from those I've seen.
I took the cardboard out and basted all the sides down so they don't lose their form.

I then handstitched the sides together.  These flowers don't have any centers, so it does mean breaking the thread after each side. Two flowers done, many more to  go.


  1. I love that hexie with the ladybug. So adorable!

  2. Someone told me that I could iron down the sides of the hexagons like that.
    I wasn't taught to baste all the way through, just around each corner, twice. I then don't have to remove the basting as it's not seen on the front.
    On my flowers I am removing the papers then starching the flowers.
    I love that design leaving the middles out. I may have to give that a try with some of my misc. pieces.

  3. Lovely Hexies. Now you have succumbed to the Hexie magic.


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