Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Birthday Shawl

I love challenges in knitting and this was one of them.  My friend saw a picture of this shawl and really liked it, so I made it for her for her birthday.  She's a good friend. I see her most every day as she works out of our shop doing upholstery next to my daughter.  Our home is hers throughout the day.  She gets to be a part of our lives, the good and the not so nice.
 Here is the shawl.

 It is called the Juneberry Triangle Shawl.  This is one of the more difficult patterns that I've done.  Not only do you do the yarnovers and decreases on the right side, you also do them on the wrong side.  That takes immense concentration.

 It has several different patterns within it and they flow together beautifully.

Isn't it gorgeous?  I used a knitpicks yarn that is a mixture of wool and bamboo.  It is very soft with a nice sheen.

Yes, I had to do some ripping out at times and I fudged mistakes in other spots.  I don't think you'll notice them.

 The border was attached by a knitting on method instead of sewing method.  I really liked it.


  1. That is an amazing project! Great job!

  2. I've never met a shawl I didn't like, yours is stunning!

  3. That is gorgeous!!! What a sweet gift. It looks like it was very well received too!

  4. Your shawl is stunning- I'd be thrilled if someone made me one for my birthday. The colour is just perfect, too.

  5. Wowza! What an amazing shawl! I have only recently begin knitting shawls. I don't think I am ready for this one just yet but it is just gorgeous!! Great job.

  6. That is lovely and so is the birthday girl!


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