Friday, April 18, 2014

An Embroidered Quilt

 I have a friend that bought an embroidery machine a few years ago.  At one point, she decided to start a quilt that was a kit to help her practice her embroidery.  I think she decided she wasn't a quilter.  She got many of the squares done (not all of them) and quit on it.  She gave it to me not to long ago and said I could have it and do with it what I wanted. 

It was very easy to put together, and then I had the fun of quilting it.

I was able to practice some curved crosshatching and did lots of feathers.

I had to think of designs for every square and that was a challenge.

The rest of these pictures were taken inside with a flash, which is why the coloring is so changed. But the detail of the quilting does show up


  1. I am both, quilter and embroiderer - Beautiful and just love your quilting - that's what embroidered quilts really need - I see you follow Cindy Needham - she is soooo awesome - took her Craftsy class and it really helped my quilting!

  2. Lovely embroidery and lovely quilting choices.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie


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