Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It Doesn't Seem Exciting But.....

Sometimes the pictures of a quilt you're working on just don't look like much, but it is fun to cut and see it coming along.
So here are those pics that don't look like much.
The drawing.

 The sewing.


 The cutting.  Doesn't that look great?

Now for another sidenote.
My newest daughter-in-law is learning to make apple pies for her husband.  They are the couple I am making this quilt for.  They've been over the last 2 evenings and I've been helping her with her pies.  Don't they look great?

The 1st night's pie was a little mushy.  The apples were cut too thin.  Last night's pies were perfect.

Good goin', Sarah


  1. wow, I didn't expect it to look that good after cutting, fantastic!!

  2. You are a GOOD MIL...teaching your DIL to make pie. I never learned. MY MIL would sit at the kitchen table and slice apples and make pie crust. And I 'let' her...I miss her now!

  3. I love how a quilt comes together as you go, you never really know what it's going to be like!


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