Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Porch Swing Cushion

I love sitting on my porch swing when the weather is beautiful outside.  The swing is good in the late afternoon as it gets the sun but not too much of it.  But it had it's down side.  It felt hard on my tusch.

So I found a piece of foam in our shop that I had cut to size and covered it with an old curtain lining that I had laying around. 

I found some fabric at Joann's that I decided to get just because it was the one I liked.  So it has a light of white... Yes, it will get dirty, and will have to be washed. I cut it all and made the piping.

 And put it on my cushion.  I have a zipper on the back side that goes most of the length of the back.  And I put velcro tabs underneath to keep the cushion on the swing.

 Now it looks like I'll have to make some pillows to match.

And the girls love to sit on the swing with me.


  1. What fun! (Someday I hope to have a porch and a swing!)

  2. I want a porch swing! Your little ones look very happy sitting on that lovely new cover you made. Great fabric! :)

    We'd love for you to stop by and link this up at Much Ado About Monday. We have a fun fabric giveaway going on, too! :)


  3. I love that beautiful fabric and your piping job. And of course the girls love to sit there with you!


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