Monday, September 24, 2012

Baby Clothing Quilt

A customer came into our shop and brought her daughters' onesies and pj's from babyhood, so I'm taking them all and turning them into a lap quilt for her two daughters.

 Step 1 was getting them all cut out to a couple of different sizes and seeing how they'd all line up for a qult. I decided this was a good layout so I took pictures of them.

  I'll now add interfacing to the back to stabilize them and I will buy a light pink for a 1" sashing in between all the squares.  I do have a print that will work well for borders.


Here are Eloise and Juliet enjoying the quilts I made for them (not out of their clothing).

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  1. Two beautiful girls sitting on two beautiful quilts. You are so blessed Elaine!


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