Monday, March 5, 2012

Hawaiian Beach Project

I'm at the beach and have my sewing with me.

 I'm using fabrics I already had in my stash.

 I'm using a pattern that was given to me by a woman who's mother had made.  She gave me lots of Hawaiian patterns.

 I did change the pattern to fit the size of the fabric I was using.

The flower is the hibiscus, one of my favorites.

We go to Makena Beach, or Big Beach as it is also known.
It is on Maui.
Today was a great dolphin day.

You can see some young people were swimming out to them.

And there are whales in the back.

This is late afternoon lighting after the hour long rain.

Hawaii rain is warm so we were able to easily brave through it under our canopies.

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  1. I love the Quilt design that you have shown, also I have not been to the islands I love seeing the sea and the whales and Delphinus, yes I used to surf and had a blast doing it. maybe one day I will come to your island and have a blast there too. thanks for the look see enjoyed it very much. HUGS Jeanne xox

  2. I like your Hawaiian Beach Project.

  3. It's so pretty. I've got Hawaiian quilts on the brain and will have to start one soon or burst! :) What wonderful waterlife shots at the beach! Lucky lady.

  4. Elaine -- awesome !! Thanks for sharing.


  5. How lovely! And it's nice to see another person who takes quilting to the beach - I thought I was the only one! Whoop whoop!!

  6. Elaine, I didn't realize you got such great shots of the dolphins! Those photos are superb.


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