Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Practice Wholecloth

I'm practicing wholecloth quilting because I enjoy it so much, but I'm not that good at it. The binding I picked just because I had it at hand.The backside is a darker gold. These are just plain Kona cottons.
The center of the quilt. My diagonals need a lot of practice, but once the quilt was washed, it looked a lot better.

A close-up of the edge. I should either use thicker batting for the trapunto, or have a denser background stitching so the trapunto stands out more. I think I'm doing another king size for a wedding present, so I'm glad I'm getting a little more practice and learning some things.


  1. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Did I say beautiful? Yumm. You have done a fantastic job.


  2. Very nice, I admire the patience and attention to detail of quilters. Thanks for coming to comment on my blog! :-)


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