Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Back from Maui

We just got back from a good trip to Maui. All we ever do is go to the beach or sit by the pool. That's all I need to do - feeling the warm air and seeing the beautiful flowers. I even went in the water some. But the other things I do while sitting are ------- these Hawaiian appliques for future wall hangings.
Also this sweater for a customer. I've gotten 3 orders for this sweater in the last 2 weeks, so you know what I'm busy about now.

When I ran out of yarn for the sweater in Maui, I crocheted these doilies for my oldest daughter. She doesn't want a quilt when she gets married some day, but she wants 27 different doilies - all white.
So I am back to real life now, but I enjoy that thoroughly. I enjoy my home, and the different things I have going here also.

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  1. Beautiful sweater. 27 different doilies? That is an unusual request. Why 27 and what will she do with them?


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