Thursday, March 18, 2010

Purple Charm Quilt

My sister sent me a letter with these squares. It is a quilt tree. She wants me to work. I've never been a letter writer. Even bills that I have to pay by mail don't get paid. And now I have to mail out 5 letters of patches?I decided that I would just get to work and do it this morning. My fabric is not 100% cotton. I thought of that after I cut it out. But it should work about the same. I hope the ladies enjoy this that I'm sending this to. They probably will. They're not like me. It will be fun to get all the different squares. At least I'm not breaking the chain. The ladies in my quilt guild will know this fabric as pertaining to me. I do a lot of Hawaiian quilts and that's how they think of me.

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  1. I return these to the sender. It's chain mail and I absolutely hate those.


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