Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Floor project #2

This is a quilt I am making for a wedding present for some friends. I let Grace go through my quilting books and tell me what she likes and I would try to do it for her. She really liked the quilts in Karen McTavish's wholecloth quilt book. I found several things she liked and am combining them to get the look Grace wants. She wants a shadow trapunto with roses. So here goes. On the floor is the drapery batiste I bought. It isn't the best thing to use, but it is sheer and I will only need to put one seam in it. Here I am squaring it on the floor.This is my paper pattern. I actually drew it a couple of years ago wanting to do a whole cloth, but it wasn't a priority. I'm changing the flowers to another type of rose, but other than that it should work nicely.

Here I am drawing on the batiste. That is where I'm at right now. I'll keep posting my progress and my troubles.


  1. That will be amazing! It is not something I would be anywhere near considering doing.

  2. i look forward to seeing this project in progress! I know it will be beautiful!


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