Saturday, January 16, 2010

Floor Project #1

I'm on the floor today squaring off this quilt. I had more problems with quilting this quilt than I do with customer quilts. I'm glad it was mine anyways. To start with the tension was off. I used a new brand of thread I hadn't used before and it would break a lot and I had to keep working with the tension. I really like King Tut and now I like it even more. I also took this one off the frame and turned it sideways after doing the blue quilting. I should have thought of that in the first place because it would have saved a lot of stops and starts and this is a form of a strippy quilt. After turning I had extra fabric on the non quilted side that I had to deal with and things did not turn out evenly. It was a king size, now it's a queen size. I hope my niece has a queen size bed.Here's a close-up of some of the quilting. The border is all large feathers, but doesn't show up front and back. I should have used a little lighter thread.
Now to get on my knees again for floor project #2 - another wedding quilt.


  1. I love it and I think she has a queen size bed. I'm glad she has any bed. She doesn't have much else!

  2. I use the same brand of thread (but in different colors) every time I quilt. I lost way too much time to thread tension adjustments, and finally decided to stick to only what I know will work every time.

    It looks amazing, and the quilting is great!


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