Tuesday, December 29, 2009

After the vacation

Here's my husband and sons on a walk on the longest beach in the world. Long Beach. At least that's what they say. My husband seems to have more energy than my sons.While at Long Beach, I appliqued these Hawaiian pieces to go with the fabric my son and his wife gave me. Here's a pineapple

and here are coconuts and palm trees.

I also knitted before, there, and after. This is a very cute vintage cap pattern that I used with a soft, soft wool. I love the look of these old patterns.

For a customer who bought a hooded sweatshirt, I made these pants and socks. I made my own pattern to suit the size of yarn that I used.

Andrew, who was in my photo shoot picture of this sweater with a crew neck, is getting this sweater. His mom liked the pictures of him in the sweater, but she wanted a V-neck for him. Photo shoots are one way to get more sales.

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  1. There are several beaches which are claimed to be the "World's longest", including Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh (120 km), Marina Beach in India, Fraser Island beach, 90 Mile Beach in Australia and 90 Mile Beach in New Zealand (88 km) and Long Beach, Washington (which is about 40 km).


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