Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dear Jane

I decided to try one square of a Dear Jane and see how it goes. I've always admired women who work on them. The pieces are tiny. Here they are all cut out and marked on the back. I decided to hand piece them. They seem too small for a sewing machine. So this is my first time at hand piecing. I've seen people do it, and read about it some, so here goes.
A little later. Things aren't quite as nice as I'd like them to be. Were Jane's perfect? I will get this one done, but it'll take some energy for me to start a second one. Now I'm really admiring those who do this. Sometimes we have to try something to really appreciate all the effort that goes into it. This will hopefully be a 4" square when I'm done.


  1. A 4 Inch square? Is that what a Dear Jane quilt is and why is it called that?

  2. all I can say. I admire your patience. I don't hand sew anything unless I absolutely have to!


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