Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We're getting the sheetrocking going on our store.A contractor friend came over and gave the kids some gatorade to keep them going. Don't they look sleepy here?

And some tips to help them.

In the evening they got their brother's help,

including that of their contractor brother. He says he's the brains and they are the hands.

Another hat I knitted. One thing about knitting, you can do it watching the Mariners, or golf, or an old movie, or when my husband is reading to me, or when I'm visiting with someone. I love quilting but it is limited unless I have a small applique that I'm doing by hand.

But this morning I have a lot of time to quilt, so I'll get to it.


  1. Looking forward to seeing what you will quilt! But the hat is adorable, and the sheet rocking is coming along!

  2. That shop will be exciting to see. Keep the pictures coming and hopefully we'll get out there some time to really see it!


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