Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Flowered Stars

I couldn't think of another name so that's what I'm calling it. A very fun quilt to do. I turned feathers into flower petals. Feathers are so versatile. This quilt came a little puckery, so the quilting helped to ease the fullness in spots.A closeup of the square.

I use wax paper to help me design. This quilt went through many changes. I like the chain to stand out so quilting around it helps to do that, instead of quilting on them.

This is the border. Just some simple spirals.

This is another wax paper drawing of freehand feathers for a former quilt. I draw on the wax paper and when I like it I freehand the spine with chalk on the quilt. And maybe a couple of feathers to get the flow. Then I quilt. This drawing shows an echo of the feathers .

The quilt that came from that drawing.

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  1. I like the wax paper idea. This quilt is stunning.


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