Saturday, April 25, 2009

A New Day

Hi! My name's Elaine. I am a quilter and sew ...and sew...and sew. I am a mother of 8 children. They range between 27 and 16 - a pair of twins near the end. They also sew. They are Victoria and Veronica and are 18. They are making a business of sewing toddler clothing and custom apparel for others that they get through alchemy on Etsy. We have two etsy shops -1. stitchnquilt and 2. whatkidslike. Check us out. They are also getting into accessorizing their clothing more with flipflops, hats, etc. We like to try all things.

I make quilts. I also knit.

We also started a boutique on our porch of things we make and also what our friends make. Not much business there yet, but hopefully it will come

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  1. Hello, Elaine,

    Welcome to blogland. I see you are in Olympia. I am a hundred miles south of you in the Portland area.

    I am an addicted quilter, and feel pretty deprived whenever there is a day that I don't get work on one of my projects at least a little bit.

    I love the pics of your front porch. I hope you will have great success.


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