Tuesday, July 25, 2017

June's New Cardigan

I found a picture of a cardigan I liked. but it didn't have a pattern to go with it.  I decided to look for a pattern that I might own and make my version of the picture I saw.  This is the result.

Of course, she's so cute I have to put lots of pictures on of her.

For my guide, I used a pattern that goes straight up with no indentation on the sleeves.  I did garter stitch instead of the pattern the sweater had. It seems to run a little large. But large is better than too small.  She'll be able to fit it for a while.

I used a knit Picks Shine Sport in Cream for this sweater.  I'm really liking the sheen of the shine sport yarns.

Quite a large hood, isn't it?


  1. Super cute knitting and little one.

  2. Well done for improvising with the pattern - you have done a great job. And your model is adorable, no wonder you want to post lots of pics!

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  4. She is really cute! And the sweater too!


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