Monday, June 26, 2017

Dear Jane Continuued

These are the last 4 blocks of the rows A,B, and C.  So now I have one long section completed.  

These are very fun to do.  Since they are small, they don't take too much time.  Most of them are paper pieced, which is not my forte but I like it for the small pieces that are involved.

Yes, some are a little wonky but I don't mind.  This quilt is not meant for a show.


  1. Ahhhh Dear Jane.....every time I see one, I think I should get mine out and work on it.....but I don't. Someday. Your Dear Jane is going to be beautiful! Nice and cheery. Thanks for linking with Design Wall Monday.

  2. I love watching a Dear Jane build. I also like your attitude about enjoying the process. Happy Stitching!


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