Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Some Granddaughter Things

I've been sewing and knitting for my granddaughters.  This post has lots of pics because I like them.
Since Eloise is the oldest, she is the one to outgrow things. Such as aprons.  The younger ones can wear the smallest ones, but she's been coming over and putting on my aprons since the others were too small.  So I sewed her an apron.

 with a cute little bow.

I used a pattern that I had and adjusted it to the look that I wanted.

And then I wanted to make her a hoodie.  So here it is.

It even has pockets.

And so Juliet looked at my magazines and told me what she wanted.  And the color.  She was always calling it an outfit, not a sweater.  I couldn't figure it out.  

When I gave it to her, she asked me where the rest of it was.  The pic showed a girl wearing a jean skirt and a knitted hat (that goes with the sweater) and she was expecting all  that.  I told her I'd make the hat for her when I ordered more yarn, but she'd have to ask her mom for the skirt.  It is really interesting how children think.  She just turned 5.  Cuteness.

She really likes the pom-poms.

I'm getting ready for summer with this little romper for Natalie.

 I just used pictures and a couple of patterns I have to make this one.  There are a lot of cute knitted rompers on pinterest with just pics and no pattern or the patterns are in Russian, Spanish or other languages.  So I figured I'll just have to find some basic pattern and adjust it to what I want.

I liked the cables on this one.
Aren't her eyes amazing?

So here is June wearing it.

Thanks for looking.  Have a great day.

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  1. WOW !!!!! You're so creative! In every single photo, I'm not sure if it's your beautiful granddaughters or the gorgeous outfits you created. My grandma made us so many sweaters and complete outfits when we were young. I'm not sure I showed my appreciation fully, at the time. I really did love wearing things that know one else had that were made for me only. You are a Super Granma!!!


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