Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Let's Fly to the Moon

My daughter who is a teacher asked me to knit some astronauts for their Team Moon project. These astronauts will be flying to the moon as each team completes goals in their classroom.  Which astronaut will get there first? 

I knitted them using the basic pattern for a 9" doll of Jean Greenhowe's.  It was quite fun adding the detail and the oxygen tanks on the back of them.

And an American flag.

These astronauts have their visors down.

The first one didn't have his visor down.  My daughter rejected him.  Too little kiddish, she said.
So he is going to a doctor's son of my grandson.  We appreciate this doctor very much.  The doctor saw me knitting one at the hospital and was intrigued with the detail I was putting on the astronaut.  I decided the doctor's son could get an astronaut

and his daughter is getting this Cinderella.  She is also a variation of a Jean Greenhowe doll.

 See the detailed flower in her hair.

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  1. These are so cute! You are very talented. I've never heard of Jean Greenhowe but just did a search of her patterns. Looks like I'm going to be ordering her books in the future! Thanks so much for sharing.


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