Monday, July 18, 2016

This Time I'm Really Doing Dear Jane

Over the past couple of years I started Dear Jane but didn't do very well.  Now I bought the book and am getting a good start on it.
This is square A1 done three times.  The last one is the current one.  I now have regular sizing and am paper piecing.  The first one I hand pieced.  It looks terrible.  I don't remember how I did the second one, but it also doesn't look that good.   The third time is a charm.  Doesn't it look much better than the others?

 It's the same way with the second square A2

And the third square A3.  Although on the second try I didn't do the diagonal corners.  I should have done that.  Will I make it again?  I don't know.

Here are all the good ones.  They are all the same size and a good start.  I am using a photo of another Dear Jane in which I like the coloring.  That saves me some work of figuring out what colors to use.
I'm using white over the cream that I started with.  I like the sharper look that it gives.


  1. Good for you! I have Dear Jane on my list of Wanna Dos as well. I've been paper piecing Farmer's Wife blocks and man, it's the way to go now that I've gotten the hang of it! Sewing down the lines takes so much of the frustration out of accurate piecing. As for those diagonal seams on block A3 -- I've looked at those and considered eliminating them. Seams that serve no purpose annoy me generally, but I kind of like the way these diagonal seams radiate out from the little star points in the center of the block. I think your block looks great the way it is, though. Good luck on your Jane blocks!

  2. Well done! I made some of the easiest blocks first then spent more time organizing everything than actually making them so it too me 5 years to complete my first Dear Jane quilt 2 years ago and am too scared to machine quilt it yet. I have started a second one using brights on white. It is addictive. I saw the original last year and many of Jane Stickle's blocks were very wonky and that adds to the charm in my opinion.


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