Wednesday, June 15, 2016

June Eleanor - My Newest Grandchild

She was born June 8.  What a beautiful baby she is. 
This is a picture of dad kissing her.  This is their first child and both dad and mom are enjoying her very much. 

I knitted for her the bonnet that Princess Charlotte wore when she was first born.

I also knitted a blanket for her.  There was no pattern that I could find, so I just used a picture to figure out a pattern for it.  I should have used less stitches in the bottom and top border so that it wouldn't ruffle since the cables tighten everything up.  Next time I'll know better.


  1. Congrats! She is beautiful! I love the bonnet and blanket!

  2. I think the ruffling of the blanket is very feminine and pretty for a little girl. Congrats on a beautiful little granddaughter.

  3. Beautiful knitting for a beautiful baby! Congrats

  4. I am astounded at anyone who can "just" figure out a pattern from looking at a picture. Your cabled blanket is gorgeous!!

    Happy new grandbaby to you!


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