Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Lacy Cardigan

This was a cute pattern that I found by way of Pinterest and then purchased off of Etsy.
It is called the Cove Cardigan. 
I really like the lace edging on the front

 And the three quarter length sleeves.  I am a fan of that length of sleeve.

 I finished knitting this a couple of months ago and finally got the buttons on.  And now I forgot what kind of yarn I used.  I think it's a Debbie Bliss Cashmerino.  Maybe I'll just have to go with that.
I knitted it a size 8 and it looks very nice on Daisy.


  1. So cute! I adapted a cardigan to look very similar to that a couple months ago. I added the leaf leave to the pattern I was using.
    It looks really nice!

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  3. Oh it looks lovely, fabulous model too!

  4. It turned out so nice! Just a warning to you though after one year, you can no longer download patterns off of etsy. It is better to go through Ravelry, that way if you want to re download an old pattern it will be available for future use!


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