Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Farm Girl Bonnets

Eloise came over a couple of days with this baby bonnet on.

 So I suggested to her that we could make a "Little House on the Prairie" bonnet.  She takes sewing lessons and was able to help with it.

 Then we made a second one for her sister. Juliet didn't want to wear it so Clara did.  I thought Clara would be the one to not want to keep it on, but she did.

 I found the pattern at this site.  It is a very easy tutorial to follow.  It probably took about a half hour to make the hat.

 I showed Eloise how she could wear it without being on her head.

 We added the red strip for contrast.

 Aren't they sweet?


  1. That is so cute. and it doesn't hurt that the models are so cute too!

  2. Eloise has grown up so pretty - these are adorable pics.


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