Wednesday, April 8, 2015

3 Little Hats

I don't crochet often.  I don't really like it. It makes my hand hurt.  But sometimes you see something (on pinterest) and you just have to make it, even if it means going through the torture of crocheting (I much prefer knitting).  
I saw these hats that are made by a Russian lady.  They are full of flowers and so cute.  I did find English instructions for some of them.  And this is an opportunity to show my granddaughters in them. 
The first is Eloise.  The instructions for her hat were translated by an Aussie into English.  I did the wrong thing by using worsted weight instead of fingering weights.  So I ripped out and started a second time to bring it down to the right size.

 I searched the web to find flower and leaf instructions to copy a picture of the Russian lady's hat.

And here is my Ravelry link

Juliet is wearing the second of my hats.  This was done in fingering weight yarn and there is also a free pattern for this hat.  I do believe this hat is my favorite of the ones I crocheted.  I like the softness of it.

You can get the free pattern from Craftsy here.
She even has instructions for her flowers.

Clara is wearing the last of the hats I crocheted. I copied the look from one of the other hats with no pattern.  I used the pattern from the first hat with some changes.  The flowers were easy to figure out using the pattern from the little flowers on the last hat.

 She is not yet 2 and won't stand still for a picture.  In fact, she'd try to get too close.  But she did want to get her picture taken.  Quite the challenge.


  1. What beautiful Easter bonnets!

  2. those hats are so lovely! the colour combinations you used work extremely well together and are so bright and cheery! well done and super cute grands!

  3. Lovely hats! And beautiful pictures! Inspiring - now I want to crochet one for my baby (9 months)

  4. They look absolutely beautiful! I love the soft blue one with white flowers. Your models are adorable too!

  5. Gorgeous hats and adorable granddaughters!

  6. What gorgeous hats? Love all three, and beautifully modelled too.


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