Monday, October 22, 2012

Hawaiian Flowers

This is a quilt that I started a month ago, a few years after my son and his wife brought me most of the fabrics back from a trip to Hawaii.  I took this long to decide how I was going to use them.  Thanks to Pinterest and a board that I made to keep these ideas I finally came up with the one and the quilt is finished.

 This was a very easy quilt to piece and got put together in a matter of hours.  I should do more quilts like that.  You can get a lot done this way.
The quilting in this square was the best of the whole quilt.  I did freehand feathers and they are quite long.  Those long diagonals on feathers can still be hard to get straight.

 Here is Eloise singing in the rain.  I don't know if she was really singing at that moment, but she does sing a lot.  You can see more of her with the umbrella here.


  1. Lovely patchwork with those Hawaiian prints.

  2. A lovely quilt, Elaine. Eloise grows cuter every day.

  3. You chose a great way to focus on all your tropical fabrics!

  4. Love the prints and the way you put them together is so pretty!

  5. How beautiful and what a perfect way to showcase such wonderful prints! Thanks for sharing.
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