Monday, September 13, 2010

Sea and Shells Stole

It's finished, blocked and I've even used it a little.  And I'm ready to do another lace project.  It is quite fun and challenging.

Maybe next  time I'll try some beading with it.

This is a free pattern that I found through  Ravelry here. It takes a lace weight yarn and the one I chose is wool with some silk in it.  It's very soft.  The stole is a  little narrower  than I was thinking but still works fine.  Enjoy.


  1. Beautiful Elaine! Is a "stole" a kind of shawl? I mean are you actually going to wear it? You should! It looks not only elegant, but cozy too.

  2. oh my. you made that stole? goodness ... it's lovely. my great grandmother tatted and did crochet. incredibly amazing works of art she made. i have her wedding gloves and wedding handkerchief - both are tatted - circa 1891.



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