Friday, October 30, 2009


Here it is all finished and hanging on a wall. You can see the background colors from a distance much better than close up. Sometimes it is good to back off from our work. Close up I see all the flaws. Here's a close up of the background. I tried to do a repeat of the shadow to some degree in my quilting in the back. Also, next time, I will quilt around the outside of the batting, rather than on the inside. It won'l look as sloppy. Thanks Geta for the e-book. It was excellently done and easy to follow. Your pictures were very good also.

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  1. Hello Elaine,

    I love your shadow trapunto little quilt!
    It's wonderful ! The background fabric is very pretty and so is the quilting !
    May I have your permission to use one of your pictures for an article on my blog ?

    Have a wonderful week!


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